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Some recent projects by GUNNITE INTERNATIONAL:

Embankment Stabilisation (Gautrain)
75Mpa Silo High Wear Lining
Hotel Foundation: Lateral Support
Security Walling and Harbour Canals
Mine Tunnel Stabilising
Embankment Stabilisation (Gautrain)
Lateral Support (1000m3)

Bethlehem Hydro Electric Plant

GUNNITE INTERNATIONAL was contracted to supply and install a 50mm layer of gunnite with 200 mesh anchor points. This contract was made interesting by the complete lack of access. Eventually with the help of JHB Scaffolding, we were able to install a workable scaffolding solution and complete the contract under budget in well within the program schedule, much to the satisfaction of the client.

Cyclone Projects & Consulting
– Featherbrook Estate (Roodepoort)

The Crocodile River had been eroding a substantial part of the embankment bordering the Featherbrook Estate to the point where boardwalks and a pond where at risk. With the help from a qualified designer we removed vegetation, shaped the embankment, installed Gabions and a 100mm layer of gunnite. This contract was also completed within the time allowed and under budget.

Ultra High Strength Wear Lining (Balfour)

Gunnite International was contracted to supply & apply over 1350m2 of 75Mpa high wear lining gunnite for a 30m high ore silo being built for Great Basin Gold in Balfour. Due to material supply problems we were delayed in starting this contract and as a result, when we started, we had to work from 5am to 10pm every day for over nine consecutive days. We completed the contract on time for our client.


This project entailed the meshing and gunniting of over 10000m2 of excavation. We were challenged by lack of access and having to work from a man cage attached to a crane most of the time. We were put under pressure to keep costs down at all times and this we did. During this contract, we achieved a personal gunniting record of 94m3 in three days by one team.

SANRAL Head Office Complex (Midrand)

This project involved the construction of a 6m wide x 7m high decorative Ant-Hill. This gunnited structure is classified as a ‘work of art’ by the South African Department of Transport.

Whatever the gunniting application, big or small, structural, safety or decorative, GUNNITE INTERNATIONAL is the only company that ‘covers’ the entire spectrum.

Gunnite International prides itself on being able to complete high stress contracts no matter the location or degree of difficulty. As a specialist, gunnite-contracting company we often find ourselves being called to complete an unusual array of work…

We would not have it any other way