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Gunnite International is a Gunite machinery manufacturing and contracting company founded by Wayne Treges in 1992.

Gunnite International is the preferred supplier to a host of mines and construction companies in and around South Africa. We offer class leading Guniting equipment and provide world class service to our customers. Gunnite International is in business to exceed customer’s expectations.

Our core business is two fold

The manufacturing and sales of locally designed and manufactured Gunite Machines. These machines are class leaders not only in Southern Africa but overseas as well.

In conjunction with our manufacturing division we also offer a machine hire service and well-trained construction crews.


We stay focused on our fundamental business of contract Guniting – This allows us to complete our projects quickly. Often we are able to produce twice, even three times the daily production of the larger Geotechnical Companies. Because of this, we are often invited to apply Gunite in conjunction with teams from various larger companies in the construction industries.

We manufacture the machines – Our teams have excellent knowledge of the machines they work with as they are built in-house. This allows our staff to be able to diagnose the fault and repair it in record time. With over 20 years’ experience in development and manufacturing we are world class leaders in our field.

We offer our customers a quality product at affordable rates


Completed Contracts include: Geonails & Guniting

GUNNITE INTERNATIONAL was the main geotechnical Contractor with the sub-contracting to us.

The contract was especially difficult, as the excavation of the embankment had gone ahead without a geotechnical investigation. This meant that by the time Gunnite International were called in, there was a 5m high face that was beginning to fall in certain areas.

Our consulting Geotechnical Engineer – produced a Geonail design that called for the installation of over 300 3m, 4m and 5m soil nails as well as a 100mm polypropylene fiber reinforced Gunite Skin.

The Geo-nail system is an in-situ soil reinforcing technique used to stabilize slopes or excavations. Steel bars are installed and grouted into the soil mass on a closely spaced grid to enable the soil mass to act as a homogenous unit that retains the unsupported soil in similar a manner to a gravity retaining wall. A secondary support, usually in the form of a lightly reinforced Gunite skin, is normally applied to hold the soil between Geonail positions.

The design of a Geonail system takes into consideration the soil parameters, the soil/Geonail interaction, the presence of surcharges, services and the possibility of a water table. The secondary support is designed based on the same parameters with the interaction with future structures considered in permanent Gunnte applications.

The Geonail system can be used for both temporary and permanent support.

Benefits of Geonails

  • Extremely cost-effective under suitable conditions
  • Installed faster than most other comparable lateral support systems
  • No load transfer structure required onto face of excavation being supported
  • Easily adaptable to changes in site conditions
  • Relatively simple inexpensive procedures can be used to provide corrosion protection of Permanent Geonail installations

Key considerations

  • Generally not suitable for deep-seated failure surfaces or high surcharge loads
  • Not suitable in non-cohesive strata below the water table
  • Usually not economical in soft clays or boulder formations

Whatever the Guniting application, big or small, structural, safety or decorative, GUNNITE INTERNATIONAL is the only company that ‘covers’ the entire spectrum.

Gunnite International prides itself on being able to complete high stress contracts no matter the location or degree of difficulty.

As a specialized Gunite-contracting company we often find ourselves being called to complete an unusual array of work…